• We’re really excited about the upcoming show we’re working on as part of ICON 8: The Illustration Conference.

    The Work + Play show will feature work from a ton of great ICON attendees.

    The submissions have been blowing us away, like this adorable one “While You Sleep” by Diana Toledano. 

    The show opens Friday, July 11th. 

  • We’re excited to announce we’re extending the run of our TAXONOMIES show through to June 22nd. It’s a great show and deserves more time up in the gallery. 

    (This skateboard piece above is by Jason Sturgill)

  • Taxonomies: Creating Order Out Of Complexity: A Group Show

    Opens May 22, 2014 at 6pm.
    Runs through June 8, 2014.

    To understand our world and beyond, scientists create taxonomies of natural phenomena. They classify everything from plants, to stars, to insects. Similarly, we create classifications as a society, and as individuals, in order to wrap our heads around various unscientific phenomena. Come see the taxonomies of this talented group of artists and designers—and maybe even take one home!

  • Kate Endle’s show at Land Gallery is up through May 11, 2014. 

    Her adorable collage work is really best seen in person, where you can see and appreciate the layers and textures that go into each piece. 

  • Kate Endle Collage
    Eclectic Whimsey

    Join us for an artist’s reception this Thursday, April 17 from 6-9pm!

    Show runs April 17 - May 11, 2014.

  • Glen McHargue of TOADVINE BRAND has installed a great collection of his handmade frames and botanical art in the gallery for a special, limited-time “off the wall” show. 

    Glen hand builds each frame, documents the Portland area flora and fauna that he presses to create wonderfully warm wall pieces. 

    The pieces are reasonably priced and available for purchase directly off the wall; find the one you want and take it with you. 

    We also have a nice collection of his reclaimed lumber coasters, candle holders and cutting boards downstairs in the shop. 

  • Kate Endle Collage
    Eclectic Whimsey

    April 17 - May 11, 2014

    Inspired by Inuit, Japanese, and Scandinavian folk art, Kate Endle creates cut paper collages with hand painted and decorative papers. Subject matter focuses on flora and fauna that is sure to please people of all ages.

    Join us for an artist’s reception on Thursday, April 17 from 6-9pm.

  • Love for Sale opens tonight, Thursday February 13th! We’ll be partying from 6p-9p. Come and check out the work from over 40 talented folks.