Land goes to Japan in October

land-toyko.jpgLast year we hosted the fabulous folks from Tegamisha in the gallery for a fun, two-week pop-up.

This year, they are returning the favor by hosting us in their shop in Tokyo!

We will be there October 4 – 16, 2016.

Tegamisha, which means “Letter Company” in English, was launched by Isao Kitajima and Yoko Watanabe. They run a stationary/handmade craft shop, a bookshop and café as well as organize craft markets.

We will be featuring and highlighting work from our incredible staple of Northwest artists, including Emily Winfield Martin and Nikki McClure.

So, if you’ve got friends in Japan, let ’em know we are bringing a little Portland to them!

You can learn more about Tegamisha and where we’ll be at on their website.

We’re thrilled to be getting to go and represent Portland in Tokyo. If there’s anything you think we should see, do or experience while we go, don’t hesitate to let us know.

The shop and gallery here in Portland will remain open regular hours while we’re gone.