Cotton Candy + Selector Dub Narcotic Free Show, August 1st @ 6pm Upstairs


COTTON CANDY makes their first appearance on the west coast of this continent with long-time west-coaster and visionary outfit SELECTOR DUB NARCOTIC (featuring Calvin Johnson) for a special, free Tuesday early-evening performance, August 1st at 6pm.

Cotton Candy is the duo of Evelyn Hurley and Mark Robinson. Together they entertain. Advertising jingle composition and recording. Available for private parties, corporate retreats, street busking, and any other type of performance.

Selector Dub Narcotic is the pseudonym of choice for Calvin Johnson when he is re-mixing records for the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series, or engaged in spinning records at a party or other literary functions. Drawing largely from a stack of 45 rpm phonograph records, Selector Dub Narcotic is known to mix the genres dancehall, soul, punk, garage, R&B, rock steady, bubblegum and rockabilly with assorted curiosities of the current underground music scene.