Printmaker Mimi Williams Comes to Land January 19 & 20th

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Art Opening on Saturday, January 19th from 2-4pm.

Live Printmaking Demonstration on Sunday, January 20th from Noon to 1pm.

Olympia, Washington-based printmaker Mimi Williams comes to Land in January 2019.

“My work is inspired by my community and the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest. My images are often narrative with the intention of connecting with the viewers, who in turn can find their own stories.”

Mimi works exclusively in linoleum cut block printing. She draws the image on paper and then then transfer it to a linoleum block where she carves the image, creating negative and positives space.

She then rolls ink on the carved linoleum block, place the paper onto the ink and impress the image by hand with the back of a wooden spoon. She adds color by printing colored paper and collaging those pieces onto the initial print.

She’ll be showing original prints in the gallery with a reception on Saturday afternoon and then hosting a demonstration showcasing her techniques on Sunday. Both events are free and open to the public.