Candian-based illustrator and designer comes to Land for his American debut Friday, May 3rd, from 6-9pm.

 “Doozy” is a collection of new work by Vancouver based Illustrator and Artist, Graeme Zirk.

Webster’s defines “Doozy” as “an extraordinary one of its kind” but present day vernacular would suggest otherwise.

It’s a once pleasant word that has been adapted for sarcastic, pejorative purposes. As a result, we’re left with a paradoxical turn of phrase that leaves us our own devices to determine whether something is great or godawful.

Graeme Zirk is interested in creating work with a sentiment and aesthetic that is hard to place. Pieces can feel both refined and flawed, pleasant and melancholic, bold and doubtful, direct and cryptic. Regardless of perception, the show promises to be a real doozy.


Peter will be brining a large collection of his latest prints for an exhibition and will be on-hand to discuss his techniques. 

His process of carving into giant wood blocks to create multiple layers is a true wonder to behold in person. You’ll see the depth texture of each layer come to life.

Getting to see the original wood cut by his hand is a real treat. Be sure and try to come to the opening Saturday, February 16th from 2-5pm.

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to see Mimi Williams art exhibition and a special thanks to all the folks who attended her free printmaking workshop. We had a wonderful time hosting her and all of you!

Her show of original prints will be up in the gallery through Sunday, February 10th — so be sure and swing by and check them out if you haven’t yet.

We’re thrilled to have Mimi Williams here this weekend at the gallery for two great events. Join us Saturday, January 19th from 2-4pm for an artist reception. And then come back Sunday, January 20th from Noon to 1pm to watch her demonstrate her spoon-based printing technique.

Her art will be on display in the gallery from January 19th through Sunday, February 10th.

Two Farmers Hit The High Road

Art Opening on Saturday, January 19th from 2-4pm.

Live Printmaking Demonstration on Sunday, January 20th from Noon to 1pm.

Olympia, Washington-based printmaker Mimi Williams comes to Land in January 2019.

“My work is inspired by my community and the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest. My images are often narrative with the intention of connecting with the viewers, who in turn can find their own stories.”

Mimi works exclusively in linoleum cut block printing. She draws the image on paper and then then transfer it to a linoleum block where she carves the image, creating negative and positives space.

She then rolls ink on the carved linoleum block, place the paper onto the ink and impress the image by hand with the back of a wooden spoon. She adds color by printing colored paper and collaging those pieces onto the initial print.

She’ll be showing original prints in the gallery with a reception on Saturday afternoon and then hosting a demonstration showcasing her techniques on Sunday. Both events are free and open to the public.

We’re thrilled to have our annual “Off The Wall” event going on upstairs in the gallery through the holidays. 

We’ve stuffed the gallery with a great collection of framed prints and posters — perfect for gift giving.

Unlike our normal shows, if you see something you like — you just take it off the wall, bring it downstairs, pay for it, and take it home right there and then.