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🦉 We had to close the shop and gallery for the rest of the year, but our sister shop @buyoly remains open and is now offering local pickup.

Place your order online and then once you get an email that it is ready (it takes us a day or so), you can pick it up through our red door in the parking lot.

Pickup hours are Noon to  5pm Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday).

Knock on the door and then come in if open, wait and someone will bring your order to the pickup table for a contact-less pickup. 

Thanks!-land team

Adaptation is a collection of small works by Portland, Oregon illustrators who are interested in exploring the line between illustration, design and fine art.

Each piece offers a little window into the soul of the maker, a snapshot of what artists have been creating during the pandemic while their usual resources are unavailable.

“We hope, to one day soon, display our larger works in Land Gallery’s upstairs, but for now we wanted to bring the art to the windows to remind you that artists are still here and making things, and that you as the audience are still so important to us.”


Off the Page: Unnatural Habitats is a collaborative illustration project featuring 18 artists working across the illustration industry.

“Unnatural Habitats” is their debut exhibit as a group, and includes both solo and collaborative works, in an effort to push their boundaries as artists who often work alone or remotely.

Inspired by mythology, folklore, and fairytales, they examine the range and scope of illustration as it is on the page, and what happens when it is brought off the page and into three-dimensional space.

The resulting experience is an adventurous world populated with collaborative works that bleed past their own borders and into one another.

This show has been pushed from from April to August in light of Design Week Portland’s postponement.

We’re thrilled to be hosting the artwork of Jean Smith in Land Gallery this May, 2020. She’s bringing pieces from her $100 collection — each piece is only $100 and all sales above Jean’s $1000 monthly expenses go towards opening the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change.

You can read a mini-review of this series with The Jealous Curator.

Jean has talked about her efforts to raise money for the Free Artist Resident for Progressive Social Change on the site Jes Reyes.

Jean will be performing with her long-time collaborator David Lester as Mecca Normal during the opening party on May 9, 2020.

The show will run from May 9 – June 7, 2020.

In Situ: Refugia

Refigium: an area in which a population of organisms can survive through a period of unfavorable conditions, especially glaciation. Plural: Refugia.

This body of work is a commentary on our rapidly changing environment, focusing primarily on the animals and glacial bodies that challenge refugia due to current geographic upheavals.

Whales are lifted from their ocean haven to sift through beautiful but foreboding skies. Arctic seascapes reveal beauty while conceding to inherent fragility. Icebergs and glaciers take their last stand as sentinels of the sea.

Amy Ruppel grew up in the Wisconsin woods just a short hike away from the Kettle Moraine Ice Age Center, inspiring an interest in science and nature from a young age. This fascination has always informed her creative output. She’s adept at many different media with a portfolio spanning digital illustration, drawing, painting and print-making. 

Show opens Saturday, February 8th from 3-5pm.

This show runs through March 22, 2020.

Our annual “Off The Wall” print show is now open. We’ve framed up over a hundred different prints from many of our artists just in time for the holidays. Come on up to the gallery and if you see one you like, just take it off the wall and check out downstairs.

Prices for framed art start at only $20.

This show runs through the holidays and into January.